Thermal fiber bodysuit with bio infrared, draining and tightening effect Dermofibraze® technology. Improves skin tone and elasticity, enhances microcirculation, models the silhouette.


Dermofibra® filaments have many unique characteristics:
  • Stimulate microcirculation and excretion of excess fluid.
  • They improve the elasticity of the skin, contribute to the elimination of cellulite in a natural way.
  • The insert made of special Resistex Silver fiber (99.9% pure silver) provides additional natural antibacterial effect.

Dermofibra® is a polyester thread in which organic crystals are embedded through nano technologies.

The unique composition of the fiber allows phototherapy in an expanded version, without an active light source, but using reflected light activated directly by the heat of the body itself, which provides a beneficial cosmetic effect on the body.

When stimulated by heat, organic Dermofibra® crystals reflect high-intensity light in the bio-infrared range (in the so-called "radius of life"); the radiation penetrates into the skin and subcutaneous tissues, interacting with water and organic compounds contained in these tissues. Thus, BeGood® products that use Dermofibra® filament can reproduce bio-infrared radiation.

As the results of biological studies show, due to their special characteristics, bio-infrared rays are very easily absorbed by the body and are a significant factor in maintaining the health of the body.

The heat generated by exposure to bio-infrared radiation promotes relaxation of contracting muscles and improves microcirculation.

Bio-infrared radiation also stimulates microcirculation and metabolism due to its "excretory" action, eliminating the manifestations of cellulite and giving the body a new shape. The BeGood® anti-cellulite line is made entirely and exclusively with the use of Dermofibra® thread.

Please note: the body belongs to the category of underwear, is not subject to exchange and return, please carefully consider the choice of size in accordance with the size grid of the brand.


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