Biocellulosic mask 1pcs x 15 ml

Organic biocellulose: forms the basis of this innovative mask and has an excellent degree of adhesion, provides deep penetration of the entire concentration of the key ingredients of the mask and removes the products of cell metabolism, providing a detox effect. As a result, the skin looks fresh, moisturized and filled with vital energy.
Regjulin: a peptide-biomimetic that stimulates the processes of proliferation and migration of fibroblasts, repeatedly increases the synthesis of the main components of the dermal matrix, which provides the effect of regeneration, restoration of density and thickness of the skin.
β-glucan (yeast cell wall extract): has high immunomodulating activity, reduces the main manifestations of skin sensitivity, replenishes the potential of antioxidant systems in skin cells and minimizes UV-induced damage and the inflammatory process.
Aloe extract: due to the high concentration of anti-inflammatory and immunomodulating components of polysaccharide nature, the extract has a strong soothing, healing and restorative effect.
Rhododendron extract: rich in flavonoids (rutin and quercetin) and phenolic acids — powerful antioxidants that eliminate irritation and inflammation, resist free radical damage to cellular structures and cell aging, and have a vasoconstricting effect.


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